Electrical Accessories

Good to Know It’s There: Bosch Electrical Accessories
Whether you need replacement switches for your vehicle, installation equipment for the workshop, a secure electrical connection for a trailer, or a standard socket for retrofitting – you can count on Bosch electrical accessories. The range is comprehensive. First-class Bosch quality that impresses with reliability and durability.


Switches enable the simple and convenient operation of many different technical systems in the passenger vehicle. Whether for the ignition, driving lights, or indicators – there’s the right switch for every function. As the leading company in the field of vehicle electrical and electronic systems, Bosch maintains a comprehensive range of vehicle switches.

Installation Equipment

High-quality installation equipment is required for the optimal performance of service and repair work on passenger vehicles. Working with Bosch, workshops and also private customers benefit from a comprehensive range – from connectors and shrink-down tubing sets to vehicle lines and suitable, first-class quality tools.

Trailer Operation

If you’re traveling with a trailer, you look for one thing above all: A reliable connection between vehicle and trailer with the secure transmission of various electrical signals including, for example, indicator, brake, rear, and side lights.
This is precisely what Bosch ensures with a comprehensive range. Bosch offers the right solution for virtually every requirement – from a single source and in first-class quality.

Special Accessories

The extensive range of Bosch electrical special accessories can easily fulfill even very particular needs – for example, an electrical system voltage socket to supply electrical power to a navigation system, notebook, mobile phone, or MP3 player while driving.
A number of practical items complete the range:
-Distributor and multiple sockets
-Socket covers (e.g. for convertibles)
-Standard and universal plugs
-Extension cables
-Adapters and couplings
-Battery guards

Automotive Fuses

Bosch offers a wide range of automotive fuses for almost every current vehicle model and also for many classic cars. Bosch fuses are unbeatable thanks to their high quality and reliability.
The range consists of four different types:
-Glass fuses for European and American vehicles
-Torpedo fuses (“Bosch fuses”) for classic cars from Europe
-Flat-pin fuses
-Strip fuses